Creativity for Kids: Hide & Seek vs Made By Me’s Art Kit - Craft Kits

Name Creativity for Kids: Hide & Seek Made By Me’s Art Kit

The kit has rocks that act as a canvas for your little ones and waterproof paint. The idea is to paint the rocks and then hide them in the room or lawn. The children get to play a fun game of hide-and-seek, where the seeker with most rocks found is the winner. The painted rocks can also act as personalized takeaway pieces for friends and family. The set contains non-toxic supplies and is suited for children aged 6 and above.

Making vibrant suncatchers and window clings was never easier! This craft kit comes with acetate sheets, colors, even a trace booklet to help you create eye-catching window art. Once your children learn how to mix colors and use the sheets, they can be more imaginative and experiment with their own designs. Even parents can chip in with decorating the house with colorful window hangings. The kit is ideal for children aged 6 and above