4M’s Magnetic Mini Tile Art vs Klutz Lego Chain Reaction - Craft Kits

Name Klutz Lego Chain Reaction 4M’s Magnetic Mini Tile Art

The Klutz lego set comes with 33 pieces that can be designed and built into 10 different moving machines. In each machine, a small action triggers a chain of events, one bigger than the previous. The kit has a comprehensive manual for building the different structures, and once the children learn the building hacks, they can play freely and make their own structures. Fundamental ideas of science like gravity and conversion of energy can be learned through fun models. It is recommended for children above 8 years of age. You can see the whole working mechanism here.

This kit lets your little ones create personalized magnets with little tiles, magnets and paint colors. Use the paint to create beautiful art on the tiles and the stick magnets to the tiles! The magnet tiles can be put on the fridge or on the locker door. These personalised pieces can also be great gift items for friends and family. This kit is suited for children of ages 8 and above.

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