Seattle Companies with the Highest Number Of Open Job Positions

Data on companies who are recruiting the most (based on open job postings) in Seattle, Washington

CompanyNo. of OpeningsLocations
Amazon Corporate LLC 1571 Seattle\ Bellevue


Places near Sacramento with the Highest & Lowest Percentage of Married People

Top places within 50 mile radius of Sacramento, California with highest proportion of married people

Place NamePercentage of people married
Green Valley76.15
Rancho Murieta72.66


5 Data Cleansing Tools

Data quality is an important contributor in the overall success of a project or campaign. Inaccurate data leads to wrong assumptions and analysis ultimately leading to failure of the project. A good data cleaning tool helps clean your database of duplicate data, bad entries and incorrect information.


Here is the list of 5 data cleansing To


4 worst traffic jams in history

Getting stuck in a traffic jam after a tiring day at work can be a very frustrating experience. This is a list of some legendary traffic jams recorded in history where vehicles have been lined up for hundreds of kilometers and people had to spend several days and in some cases weeks to get out of the mess.


San Paulo, Brazil, June 2009


Most Lucrative Professions in Oklahoma

List of the most lucrative professions from the Labor Department

OccupationEmploymentEmployment / 1000 JobsAverage Annual Wage
Obstetricians and Gynecologists1000.063$252,640


Republicans Support for Muslim Ban Is Higher Than Support Trump

As a data geek, I was intrigued by the opinion polls & Trump's call for banning Muslims. Trump's call for banning Muslim entry to the US was swiftly condemned by almost all leaders. If it is such an unpopular position, then why did Trump stake out such an extreme position? Does he like to lose elections?

Sure enough, the data held some interes


Zip Codes with Highest & Lowest Proportion of Divorced People Near Fresno

Top Zip Codes within 50 Miles of Fresno, CA that have the highest number of divorcees as a percentage of population (Souce: Census)

Zip CodePercentage of divorced people
93704 (Fig Garden Villa)


Places with Most & Least Poverty Near Kansas City

Places around 50 miles of Kansas City with highest poverty levels ( Data from the census ).

PlacePercentage of people with income below poverty levels


Most Educated and Least Educated Zip Codes Near Atlanta

Top Zip Codes with most educated population (based on Census data)

Zip CodePercentage of people with at least college education
30326 (Atlanta)93.30
30346 (Atlanta)92.05


Zip Codes With Cheapest & Most Expensive Property Prices near Colorado Springs

We analysed Census data to find the Zip Codes with cheapest and most expensive property prices around Colorado Springs.

Top 20 Zip Codes with most expensive property prices within 50 miles of Colorado Springs, CO.

Zip Code


Top 20 zipcodes with highest and lowest rental yields around Tucson

Top 20 Zip Codes with highest rental yields within 50 miles of Tucson (from Census data)

Place NameMonthly rent($)Median value of house($)Rental Yield (%)
85736 (Tucson)923


Richest and Poorest Zip Codes Near Raleigh

Top 20 Richest zipcodes within 50 miles of Raleigh, North Carolina (based on Census data).

Zip CodeMedian Household Income ($)
27502 (Apex) 93,973
27614 (Raleigh) 88,281


Racial Diversity Statistics of Zip Codes Near Virginia Beach

We analyzed data from Census to come up with race & diversity statistics of Zip Codes within 50 miles of Virginia Beach.

Zip codes with highest concentration of people belonging to a single race.

Zip code


Top 20 zipcodes near Long Beach with highest concentration of singles

Some numbers (based on Census data) which show zipcodes with the highest concentration of singles. The data is ordered by the largest highest ratio of singles between 20 to 49 years. Top 20 zipcodes near Long Beach, California with Highest Concentration of Male Singles Per Female SingleNumber of single men for eve


Most and Least Single Zipcodes Around Tucson

Top zipcodes around 50 miles of Tucson with the most single people.

ZipcodePercentage of people single Percentage of males singlePercentage of females single
85719 (Tucson)79.86


Youngest & Oldest Population Places Near Mesa

Top 20 places near Mesa which have the highest proportion of people <35 Years.

PlaceNumber of people below the age of 35 People <35 Years as a % of Total Population